PBneXt – Diallog’s Hosted PBX Product

Your complete Voice over IP (VoIP) solution hosted by Diallog.

Hosted PBX with DiallogDiallog’s Hosted PBX system, PBneXt, provides businesses of all types with a fully featured and robust phone system without the initial investment and ongoing maintenance associated with expensive telephone equipment. Simply put, the entire phone system is housed and maintained in our reliable, world class Data Centre.

PBneXt offer the familiar features of traditional phone systems but at a fraction of the cost, while taking advantage of Voice over IP technology to offer so much more.

Our PBneXt is the most customizable Hosted PBX product on the market, as our telecom consultants work with you to put together a system that meets your unique business needs at exactly the right price.


Diallog’s Hosted PBX product, PBneXt offers incredible benefits to clients, including:

Initial cost savings

There is no large, upfront investment required, unlike traditional PBX systems which could cost tens of thousands of dollars.


Our Telecom Consultants work with you to design a product package that meets exactly your needs.

Continued cost savings

Traditional PBX systems require regular onsite maintenance, typically by technical IT staff. A hosted PBX is housed and maintained by Diallog, saving your company on these costs.


Growing companies can easily expand by adding extensions for new employees. Traditional phone systems can be limited by the number of lines purchased from telephone providers, but hosted systems have no such limitations, allowing your organization to seamlessly grow.

Fast & Easy Setup

Hosted PBX setups take a fraction of the time of traditional systems, having you up and running in very little time.


Your employees can work from anywhere and still have all the features of an office phone system.


Whether a large or small business, your Hosted PBX system will have your organization sounding professional. And, with enhanced featured like DIDs, you can appear to have a local presence in target geographic areas.

Diallog Hosted PBX PricingHow does Diallog’s PBneXt system work? 

PBneXt is a cloud based system that is housed at Diallog’s secure data centre. PBneXt’s three product offers include:

  • Unlimited Local Calling

  • Unlimited Canada-Wide Calling 

  • Unlimited Canada and US Calling

Standard Features

The following are standard features with PBneXt:

  • Find Me, Follow Me

  • Music on Hold

  • Voicemail

  • Voicemail to Email

  • Call Waiting

  • Call Display

  • Call Forwarding

  • Tenant Level Call Limit Security

  • Routing Profile/Extension Security

  • Web Portal

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Diallog’s VoIP technology offers significant cost savings and efficiency for small, medium and large businesses.