VoIP and streaming media service that connects your company’s PBX (telephone system) to existing telecom infrastructure through the internet.

As one of the most established and trusted Telecom providers in Canada, you can count on Diallog for quality, reliability, and affordability. We also offer the widest network availability in Canada.

With Diallog’s SIP Trunking solution, your company’s data, long distance, local, and private voice traffic run on a single IP backbone. Diallog also has the ability to deliver SIP Trunks over a dedicated Voice Connection, without touching your Data network or the public internet – ensuring the quality and reliability of traditional PSTN lines.

As one of the fastest growing SIP Trunking providers in Canada, you can count on Diallog for quality, reliability, and affordability. We also offer the widest network availability in Canada.


  • Substantial Savings – Average cost savings of 30 to 40%
  • Simplification – Replaces your voice circuits with a single IP connection, saving you the headache of managing multiple PRIs and networks. It also eliminates the need for PBXs at multi-site businesses
  • Single Point of Contact– We’ll supply your business with a single point of contact so when you need assistance you can speak to the same person each and every time
  • Simplified Billing– No hidden charges, complicated billing or access fees. All of your charges are clearly labeled so you can see exactly what you’re paying.
  • One-Stop Telecom Shop– No need to deal with multiple carriers, contracts and headaches because we offer everything from business lines and long distance to Internet, VoIP and multi-office data services.



Unfortunately, in business, there may be times when your customers cannot get through. The Internet may have gone down or perhaps all your company’s channels are in use. Normally in these cases, your clients will hear a busy signal, and this is unacceptable for most businesses. With Diallog’s reliability SIP Trunking features, you can ensure your clients never hear a busy signal.


  • Failover

  • During an outage (such as equipment failure or the Internet going down), Diallog will seamlessly forward all calls to the number or numbers that have previously been designated as failover. You decide where the calls will failover – this can be an office in Vancouver or a personal cell phone, for example.

  • Overflow

  • What happens if all your users are on the phone or your channels are busy? Under normal circumstances, the caller will hear a busy signal. With Diallog’s overflow functionality, we can seamlessly redirect the calls to an alternate number, office or phone.

  • Burstable SIP Channels

Do you have a seasonal business that busy at certain points and not at other times? Would you like to ensure that your callers never receive a busy signal?  Diallog’s Burstable SIP Channels are the answer, allowing you to reserve additional call channels both efficiently and affordably, so you can ensure that you always have enough capacity to handle any volume of calls.


  • Inbound calling
  • 800 Inbound
  • LD Termination
  • Expanded Local Calling Area
  • Outbound Calling to 888, 877, or 800 #’s
  • 911
  • 411 & Operator Services
  • Inbound Caller ID & Location
  • White Page Listing
  • Toll-Free
  • Domestic & International Long Distance
  • G.711 & G.729a
  • Non-VoIP PBXs can be connected using VoIP gateways
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