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Mark SheehanMark Sheehan
20:02 16 Jul 24
I have been without internet for over three weeks now. Customer service reps are powerless and tell me there is nothing they can do every time I call. The then put through a disconnection request by mistake after I asked to be sent an email with the terms of cancelling and charges etc. Save yourself the headache and go with literally anyone else.
Peter BPeter B
23:17 09 Jul 24
No internet for 15 days now... And nobody at Diallog is willing to do anything about it. No apologies, no credit/refund offered - just telling me to be patient.Update: Ended up being 23 days without internet before I switched to another provider… internet worked out of the box and no issues since then.
Manfred HumphriesManfred Humphries
10:31 26 Jun 24
I originally picked Diallog because their rate structure is the best around. However I would choose them now because of their outstanding reliability and their attention to detail. We used their 50 mb adsl service for 5 years, and the only problems we have encountered are with Bell, who operate the last mile phone line to our house. Wrong address, wrong speed, bad advice, but then, why would Bell care? Diallog tech support got Bell techhies on the job smartly, and followed up until the problems were resolved. Speed is consistently 46-49 mbps, and even gets 40+ thru my wonky vpn provider. You cant do better. But recently, a new provider in out area is offering 500mbps for $10 more than Diallog, which Diallog can't match for tech reasons, so we are reluctantly moving. I only hope the new providers' tech support is as good as Diallog
Monsieur MMonsieur M
09:24 24 May 24
Very reliable internet (I have experienced only one short downtime in 2.5 years). Diligent and competent customer service. Cheaper prices than competitors.I highly recommend them
john kempsonjohn kempson
00:18 14 Apr 24
Our experience was good just needed to cancel tks
So far all my interactions with the personnel have been excellent, customer service is on point.
Douglas NicksDouglas Nicks
16:10 26 Dec 23
Very happy with the friendly and knowledgeable installer and now after two weeks very happy with the internet service. Just enjoyed the world juniors hockey game
Ian CushnieIan Cushnie
00:52 28 Oct 23
I had a lot of hiccups that were caused by lack of communication and awareness on diallog's end. It led to a very frustrating first experience. However, the product and price is excellent and I was contacted to talk about my experiences and felt much more assured that I was in safe hands with this company for the future.
Marjorie RidleyMarjorie Ridley
22:54 25 Oct 23
Fast and responsive customer service, I highly recommend!
Sam SkinnerSam Skinner
17:31 19 Sep 23
Can’t say enough that I am pleased with my new internet connection. Very reasonable price and a fast service. I certainly recommend it.
chico gigichico gigi
17:46 15 Sep 23
I have been with this company for many years and their service has always been superb especially Merlin Hall. Merlin always follow up Quickly and Thoroughly until the issue is resolved unlike the big telecoms like Telus and Rogers. This is so even when Diallog had to cease their service of Analog lines and forced me to change provider to Telus. But instead of Telus assisting the smooth transfer, it was Diallog that follow through to reslove the issue because of Telus repeated mistakes. It is with sad emotions to have to cease my business with Diallog. Merlin is a pleasure to deal with always and I wish her and her team the Very Best and take this opportunity to convey a Very Big Thank You for these many Years of Excellent Service.
Isabela RagalieIsabela Ragalie
21:25 19 Jul 23
My first day with Diallog, fast installation service, got the modem a bit late , but all good internet up and active. Good service for now.
Dominik DandaDominik Danda
23:34 16 Jul 23
So far after the week that I've had internet with them, I get exactly the speed I pay for and good stability. If anyone lives in north Cabbagetown I would absolutely recommend their service, especially considering the price I am paying. I play online games a lot and my ping over WiFi (Haven't gotten around to getting an ethernet cable) have been phenomenal, and would expect it to drop 10ms more with a cable. Honestly, if you are a student or low income earner and need affordable internet I would highly highly recommend. Just go for it, worst case you cancel after a few months!
Catherine ClarridgeCatherine Clarridge
22:57 04 Jul 23
After a small hiccup with modem delivery, everything went as planned. I decided to try Diallog in my new apartment and it was much better than dealing with the larger providers. Installer was on time and extremely professional. Customer service were very understanding when dealing with a senior having a mild panic attack lol. Great service so far.
Sandy BSandy B
21:04 07 Mar 23
Diallog is taking the place of a major telco I have been with for more than 30 years. What an incredible feeling to be treated as a grownup by their representatives! Incredibly smooth transition and everything that I hoped for in terms of support and installation. A+ experience.
16:38 17 Feb 23
I have been with Diallog for 2 years and I've had no issues with the internet.The only down fall was the price. At the time we were limited with the internet speed in our area and went with what was offered.Recently Cogeco updated our area to Fibre Optic, higher speeds for less $.I did call customer service to discuss other options, but unfortunately they could not match or come close to what I would be paying with Cogeco.I still would give this company a 10/10 for both reliable internet and excellent customer service.
05:06 08 Jan 23
I get exactly the speed I pay for and the price is one of the best in all of Ontario. I honestly don't know of any other ISPs that offer better value. I only had to deal with customer service one time and they were very quick to resolve my issue.
Jessie OreskovicJessie Oreskovic
18:42 04 Jan 23
Great experience working with Dialling! When I needed a replacement for my modem and router due to flooding, they responded quickly and were very helpful. I've always had fast, reliable service and the quick, helpful, and non-pushy customer service really sets them apart from previous providers I've dealt with. Definitely recommend!
Donald SherkDonald Sherk
18:14 27 Dec 22
I have had Diallog Internet via COGECO cable connection for a year. The service has been flawless, even through many power interruptions the modem and router recovered immediately upon the restoration of power. I have always received the advertised data rate ( I do check it often). I previously had Bell internet and it was a very bad experience.
08:50 14 Nov 22
I been with Diallog for over a year and I very happy with their service and price. Their customer service is excellent and very responsive to my questions. They actually care about your experience.
12:11 28 Sep 22
I’m using this company for over three years. I’m very happy with the service. Customer service is very fast. I have no issue with my Internet speed is reliable. Keep up the good work.
tanya Martintanya Martin
14:10 06 Aug 22
I am so happy I found Diallog and switched to them. You can't beat their awesome price and the service at time of set up was fantastic. I had some minor hook up problems and they went above and beyond to get it fixed right away. I highly recommend!!!
Marko PoloMarko Polo
01:58 06 Aug 22
I am a passionate proponent of this company. They’ve just ticked all the boxes. Prices are amazing. Customer service? They go beyond expectations. In 2 years, I *never* once had any connection issues. It’s a small company so they basically hold you by the hand every step of the way. I’ve been recommending it to all my friends. 10/10.
iman s.sarrafiman s.sarraf
12:13 19 Jul 22
Ok, now it's been 6 month since I started using Dialogue Telecommunications services. At the beginning, I was a bit suspicious and doubtful about thier services because e.g. their prices were not available online and their brand is not so famous as other huge companies. But, I am super happy now since their service has been great. They did whatever they described: simple and clean. The modem and router arrived on time and the internet got connected as soon as I connected my router. The wifi modem is not the best in the market, and I did not expect them to send me one but it was good enough for me at the time. One very good thing is that you don't need to enter a fixed term contract, and their costs are clear without any hidden fees. Now, the quality of the internet: I have unlimited 40/10 internet and it is strangely good. Sometimes both my wife and I have to work at home, and there are between 6-10 devices connected to internet + teleconferences + streaming high quality movies or games. The speed have been consistent and great. Even when our other friends had connection issues or disconnections or internet outage (with different service providers), we have never had any problems throughout the past 6 months. Fortunately, I didn't have any issues with my internet so that I had to call customer service, so I cannot evaluate them properly but for a few questions at the beginning, I contacted them via email and they responded quickly.
John MoyerJohn Moyer
01:33 08 Jun 22
Excellent 1Gbps internet service that costs less than Teksaavy and Rogers. Installation was smooth. I've been closely monitoring speeds and it has remained steady in the expected range for the month I've had it so far. Working from home so much I had to make sure speed is fast and reliable. Diallog has been great so far and I recommend their internet service.
Justin MundieJustin Mundie
18:58 04 Jun 22
Very happy customer here. Our family left Bell for Diallog, and must be saving nearly one thousand dollars a year. Ok, Diallog is not perfect, but it is most definitely better than Bell. We use a good old copper line, and Diallog's service is consistently good. Their customer service has always been excellent as well. Bell kept insisting that we upgraded to Fibe, which would have cost even more and damaged our home. We highly recommend Diallog. Excellent value for your money.
i am very glad i joined Diallog. Their service is top-notch all the way around, from speed and price to the people there to help with any issues that might arise. i rarely leave reviews, but this one i am happy to share with others considering a new provider. Try them, you won't be disappointed.
Gary TaylorGary Taylor
15:58 22 May 22
Ordered Diallog DSL Ultimate 50Mbps 5/16/22. Seamless external switch & activation by Bell Technician 5/20/22. Self Service Connection of Modem, and Devices. Recommendations for more simplified and User friendly sign up, and Modem / Device connection info should be provided. But, it all seems to work out, and the results and follow up are great. We are very pleased - so far!

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