Here are five great reasons to choose Diallog for all your business telecommunications needs:

1. 99.999% Network Reliability

We partner with multiple Tier 1 providers (such as Bell, Rogers, Telus and Allstream) to deliver superior Voice, Internet, and Data services – delivered to your business with 99.999% network reliability. We back this up with guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and 24-hour support and technical assistance. Your business will not find better reliability.

2. The Widest Network Availability

Because we partner with multiple Tier 1 carriers, we have a wider network than any other telecom company in Canada – including the biggest ones. That means Diallog can offer more telecom technologies and services where your business needs them most.

3. We’ll Cut Your Costs

We start by analyzing your business’ telecom expenditures. We’ll eliminate telecom waste, provide ongoing auditing and resource management support, and help lower your administrative costs. Most importantly, we’ll get your business the best rates possible for your telecom services.

4. Seriously Simplified Billing

You can customize your phone bill…completely. Want all your services on a single bill? Or several bills sent to multiple branches? Either way, Diallog can do it. We’ll also identify every service on your phone bill so you’ll know exactly what it is (e.g. Fax Line, John Smith’s Line), how much you’re paying for it, and whether your business is optimizing its usage. We don’t charge any access fees or hidden costs so your telecom expenditures will be simple to see and easy to understand.

5. A Better Telecom Experience

At Diallog, we’re passionate about customer service. We’ll supply your business with a single point of contact so when you need assistance, you can speak with the same person each and every time. When you call us we promise no complicated phone trees, no automated assistants, and minimal time on hold. Our customer service team is backed by technology that empowers them to deliver better service, which ultimately results in saved time, effort and frustration (all of which saves our customers money!)