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10 Questions to Ask Your VOIP IP PBX Provider

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Are you considering a VOIP IP PBX for your business?

An IP PBX, otherwise known as a VOIP phone system, is an alternative to a traditional PBX phone system.  It gives your employees an extension and the capability to reach co-workers by their extension, transfer calls, and conference call.

With a VOIP IP PBX, all telephone calls are sent via data packets over a data network as opposed to a traditional phone network.

If your business is looking for a VOIP IP PBX, here’s a few questions we recommend you ask your provider:

1. Is it possible to get a short-term contract in case VOIP isn’t a good fit?

2.  What other costs, if any, are involved besides equipment and set-up costs?

3.  What are extra usage costs not covered in the plan such as long distance calls.

4.  Can I send and receive faxes with your VOIP IP PBX solution?

5.  Will I require new phones or do I need to update my hardware?

6.  Is there seamless integration with a virtual office, or off-site employees?

7.  Do you have an SLA, or Service Levels Agreement?

8.  How often will I need to update or upgrade the VOIP IP PBX, and are upgrades covered under contract?

9.  I’ve heard emergency services such as dialling 911 can be an issue with VOIP, how does your solution address that?

10.  How much use does your switch get in terms of number of customers, and what is the distaster recover plan?

Have any other VOIP, PBX, or other telecom questions?
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