Creating a better way for customers to receive the coverage they needed at affordable prices in a respectful business relationship

In the late nineties, huge telecommunications companies exercised enormous control over the marketplace in Canada. Prices were extremely high, service levels continued to frustrate consumers, and the industry was dangerously close to a monopoly.

Chris Argiropulos, a young Toronto business graduate and aspiring entrepreneur, saw things differently. Fascinated by the telecom industry, he knew there had to be a better way for customers to receive the coverage they needed at affordable prices and be given the respect they deserved. In short, he knew the industry needed more competition.

It was in this spirit that he launched EuroTEL in 1998, a residential telecommunications company with a goal to provide a better, more humanizing customer experience. Initially targeting European communities such as Greek and Italian, EuroTEL grew steadily and in 2000, entered the business market, leveraging its existing relationships with providers and its unique competitive advantage. EuroTEL soon evolved into Diallog Telecommunications, a comprehensive supplier of telecommunications with a strong focus on what a customer values most – personal service, responsiveness, and an understanding of their unique needs.


Today, Diallog has grown to serve thousands of customers all across Canada, with a team committed to the company’s vision of simply providing better. Better service, better prices, and a better overall telecommunications experience.

As a premium partner of all Canada’s Tier 1 providers, such as Bell, Rogers, Telus, Allstream, and Alliant, Diallog has the most robust network reliability (99.999%) and the highest network availability. We are a client centric environment where our billing is simple, straightforward and easy to understand, and we provide a dedicated customer service team that understands your unique business needs and is easily available to you (no complicated phone trees).

Best of all, our prices are extremely competitive. Due to our relationship with Tier 1 carriers, we have access to exceptional pricing, and can pass along these savings to our clients. We are also committed to innovation in an evolving industry, leveraging the newest technologies for the benefit of our customers.

Our customers remain with us year after year, knowing that Diallog will provide them a superlative customer experience.

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Our customer service team is backed by technology that empowers them to deliver better service, which ultimately results in saved time, effort and frustration.