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Case Study: Customized Telecom Solutions for Businesses

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Diallog has spent nearly 20 years working with leading businesses to provide exactly what they need in telecom solutions.

“As a provider of retirement residences, Delmanor needed telecom solutions that provided both phone and internet to our more than 1,000 residents across the GTA. Diallog not only provided us with the products necessary, but were able to customize a billing solution so that our residents had phone and – all under one bill to Delmanor…We strongly recommend them to any company looking for telecom services.” – Bill Kavouris, Corporate Manager   With five first-class senior home residences in the GTA, Delmanor has created a seniors living community that strives to provide excellence. A member of the Tridel family, Delmanor is a home for more than 1,000 seniors all across Toronto. Residents compare their facilities to cruise ships – absolute luxury and excellence in all they offer. When searching for a telecommunications provider, Delmanor needed services for the company as well as their individual residents. This meant a solution that offered individual phone and internet to their residents, without having each resident billed separately. They also needed customer service that was seamless. “We haven’t found the customer service of large telcos to be enticing,” elaborated Bill Kavouris, Corporate Manager, Building Services and Procurement for Delmanor, “dealing directly with the customer service of the larger players is a dog’s breakfast if something goes wrong.” Cost was a factor as well, as like any organization, Delmanor strived to find the most cost effective solutions. Customization Delmanor selected Diallog Telecommunications to provide the telephony services for their locations, and a combination of both telephony and internet for their Elgin Mills location (which is in the midst of an expansion project that will add 50 more suites by 2017). Diallog was able to offer PRIs and telephone services as well as Fibre Internet, designing a solution that specifically met Delmanor’s needs, while at the same time, saving the organization substantially as compared with the larger telcos. “At Delmanor, we look for any opportunity to create value for our residents. By offering telephony services that our residents paid to us rather than dealing with outside vendors enhances their experience,” added Kavouris. Diallog has provided telecommunications service to Delmanor since 2009, and they remain a loyal and happy customer. Elaborates Kavouris, “Response is prompt and Diallog is very good at coordinating with Bell and Rogers. That and the significant cost savings is a big part of why we’d recommend Diallog.”

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