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What is Single Number Reach and Why Should I Care?

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With all the ways we’re connected today, single number reach (SNR) is a simple concept that makes perfect sense. A few short years ago, the real estate on business cards was often crowded with numbers; home, office, pager, cell…add in email, web site URL and fax number, and there was hardly room for your name.

Single number reach (SNR) is a concept as simple as it is brilliant. When someone calls a single number, it’s forwarded to wherever you are. No confusion. No annoyance. No checking voicemail on several different devices, whenever you can find the time.

It’s Not Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is a service where you forward your land line to a different land line. That’s handy if you’re going to one place and staying there. If you’re on a plane to Ontario and might be at your hotel, a restaurant yet to be chosen, or on the links for an early round of golf, call forwarding is useless. SNR is a service you can control through a web interface and change instantly – to your home, your cell, your pager, or even to your assistant’s cell, because sometimes you just want to disconnect for a while.

The Not-Long Distance

Still paying for toll free numbers? It’s also pretty handy if you want local numbers for all the areas you do business. If you have offices in different cities, a local number that sends VoIP calls is a great deal cheaper.

Perception is Everything

Your area code can say a lot about your business, and not always in a good way. If you want your customers to assume you’re located in Toronto and not know your company is virtual, and you’re in a cabin in the woods. With a little ingenuity and the right technology, even a tiny company can build business credibility…and you can be everywhere at once.

One Voicemail

No matter where your calls end up, you’ll only have one voicemail to check, and you can check it from anywhere. Messages can even be sent to your email.

Time to Go

You’re at your desk, and you’re meeting your biggest client in 20 minutes when your mother calls. She has news, it can’t wait, and you can’t be late. What now? In the past, the answer was either “Sorry, Mom, I’ll call you after the meeting” or “Hang up and I’ll call you back from my cell.” If that sounds familiar, you’ll love SNR. Just transfer the call to your cell and take mom with you. Now she has 20 minutes to tell you all about Aunt Maude’s operation. You may still have to call her back, but by talking during the commute to the meeting, you save time, make her feel valued, and still get to the meeting on time. It’s an all-around win.

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