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Dedicated Fibre Internet

Dedicated Fibre Optics Internet is the choice of Internet for businesses with intenese connectivity requirements.

When critical processes rely on consistent and secure Internet connection, Fibre performs well under load; it’s easy to provision and scale to thousands of locations.

Fibre provides the most robust and secure connectivity with guaranteed bandwidth. Experience the fastest data transfers, up to 10 Gbps.

How does it work?

Internet data is transferred in the form of light signals through cables made of thin glass and plastic fibres. These optical fibres contain an enormous amount of capacity. Through fibre optic cable, Internet data travels at the speed of light and individual wave lengths can be turned on or off as required, to accommodate fluctuating needs. 

With excess capacity at the ready, you have the flexibility to scale up, by adding users in one location, or scale out, by connecting to other locations, all from your existing connection. 

Fiber optic Internet does not rely on electricity or telephone cables, so power outages and proximity to powerful electrical equipment will run little to no interference on your connection.  

Why Fibre?


Choose Diallog to accelerate your business productivity with Dedicated Fibre Internet


Maximize productivity


Delivers constant speeds


Ideal for cloud and cross-network collaboration


Supports Intranet, Extranet and WAN networks


Scalable and flexible


Enhanced streaming & visual optics display


Superior to standalone cable & DSL


Symmetrical upload & download speeds

Bandwidth from 50 Mbps up to 10 Gbps

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