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Why Diallog

At Diallog, our goal is to deliver a better telecom experience–period. We take your business connectivity seriously, and we’re proud to say that we’ve been working at it for the past 20 years.

Since 1998, Diallog has been providing reliable and affordable telecom services to business and residential customers across Canada. We’re committed to customer service excellence and we welcome the opportunity to create flexible, custom solutions that fit your needs.

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Our Story

In the late nineties, huge telecommunications companies exercised enormous control over the marketplace in Canada. Prices were extremely high, service levels continued to frustrate consumers, and the industry was dangerously close to a monopoly.

Chris Argiropulos, a young Toronto business graduate and aspiring entrepreneur, saw things differently. Fascinated by the telecom industry, he knew there had to be a better way for customers to receive the coverage they needed at affordable prices and be given the respect they deserved. In short, he knew the industry needed more competition.

It was in this spirit that he launched EuroTEL in 1998, a residential telecommunications company with a goal to provide a better, more humanizing customer experience. Initially targeting European communities such as Greek and Italian, EuroTEL grew steadily and in 2000, entered the business market, leveraging its existing relationships with providers and its unique competitive advantage. EuroTEL soon evolved into Diallog Telecommunications, a comprehensive supplier of telecommunications with a strong focus on what a customer values most – personal service, responsiveness, and an understanding of their unique needs.

Today, Diallog has grown to serve thousands of customers all across Canada, with a team committed to the company’s vision of simply providing better. Better service, better prices, and a better overall telecommunications experience.

We are a client centric environment where our billing is simple, straightforward and easy to understand, and we provide a dedicated customer service team that understands your unique business needs and is easily available to you (no complicated phone trees).

Our customers remain with us year after year, knowing that Diallog will provide them a superlative customer experience.

Why switch to Diallog?

Dedicated project management

At Diallog, we know that your time is valuable. You’ll liaise with one point of contact – no matter how many vendors are required for provisioning – so you can avoid waiting on hold with complicated phone trees or automated assistants.

Multi-location experts

More than one location? We shine when it comes to handling the details. Our billing software will keep you organized and our project managers can onboard your services quickly – no matter how many vendors you deal with.

Sensible & simplified billing

Do you need all your services included on a single bill–or several bills sent to multiple locations? We can customize the way your services are shown on your bill even if you have multiple vendors. No  access fees or hidden costs.

Continued cost savings

We take pride in our Tier 1 relationships – we can shop the market to provide you with all services at a price that matches your budget. Try us and see the difference – request a no-obligation quote today!


Our Telecom Consultants work with you to design a product package that meets your needs – including physical construction requirements, equipment selection and installation, and design and ongoing maintenance of private networks.

Carrier services diversity

Diallog has access to all carriers and products, so we can provide you with the best rates and resource management, regardless of your location. All activations receive a dedicated account manager.

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